Nature Happenings

Project FeederWatch continues,
Rare gulls and terns can be found along the Great Lakes.
Black Bear cubs are born beginning in late January.
Listen for Great Horned Owls' "hoot" as they pair up for mating season.
During late January or early February, Great Horned Owls will be sitting on their eggs.
Now through late March is a difficult time for birds; providing food and an open source of water is important.
Cardinals flocking; they're usually the first and last birds to be seen at feeders.
White-tailed Deer bucks are shedding their antlers, marking the end of breeding season.
Late in the month, as days lengthen, Tufted Titmice and cardinals begin to sing.
Start planning your butterfly and bird gardens this month.
Carolina Wrens can be sustained with suet and mealworms.
Aldo Leopold's (Father of Wildlife Conservation) birthday Jan. 11
Quadrantid Meteor Shower early in the month. See up to 60 falling meteors per hour!